University Resources Committee

Charge The University Resources Committee (URC) is a standing committee chaired by the provost that serves to review, to analyze, and to offer recommendations to the President on all budgetary plans, proposals, and priorities, both current and future, affecting the University. The Committee shall be… Read More »University Resources Committee

Title IX Council

Charge The role of the University Title IX Council is to review the information presented in an investigation report and to determine if an individual or individuals violated the University policy. If there is a policy violation, the panel will also determine an appropriate sanction.… Read More »Title IX Council

Student Conduct Board

Charge The Student Conduct Board will hear matters involving prohibited conduct that may result in separation from the University and/or a transcript remark. Cases before the Student Conduct Board may involve serious prohibited conduct in a single incident or a persistent pattern of less severe… Read More »Student Conduct Board

Residential Council

Charge The Residential Council of Brown University serves the undergraduate student body in advocating for improvements in the Residential Experience, both on- and off-campus, and providing assistance and information to students. The Residential Council achieves these goals by hosting student forums to gather input, maintaining… Read More »Residential Council

Information Technology Advisory Board

Charge The Information Technology Advisory Board shall serve to advise the Chief Information Officer, and other senior officers as appropriate, on resources and priorities concerning all aspects of computing, information management, and communication technology. The Information-Technology Advisory Board shall review and make recommendations concerning the… Read More »Information Technology Advisory Board

Diversity Advisory Board

Charge The Diversity Advisory Board is a broadly representative, deliberative group that considers matters that concern the campus community especially with regards to diversity. Its mission concerns the well-being of the community—its capacity for collegiality and the pursuit of the community while preserving an excellent… Read More »Diversity Advisory Board

College Curriculum Council

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Charge The College Curriculum Council (CCC) is an elected body of faculty and students, along with administrators, charged with overseeing undergraduate curricular offerings at Brown. The Council reviews individual course proposals as well as larger programs of study, including concentrations, study abroad, and degree programs.… Read More »College Curriculum Council