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The Brown University Community Council serves as a university-wide representative forum for discussion, debate, and advisory recommendations on a wide spectrum of issues and concerns. It may, at its discretion, consider and advance questions of University community policy, the governing of the University, and issues related to the overall welfare of the University; and to make recommendations regarding any such matters to the appropriate decision-making bodies of the University or to the appropriate officers of the University.


The membership of the Brown University Community Council shall consist of: the President of the University (Chair), the Provost, and at least four members of the President’s Cabinet appointed to the Council each year by the President; one current member of the Corporation appointed to the Council each year by the Chancellor; ten members of the Faculty, among whom each division must be represented by at least one member and the nontenured Faculty by at least two members; five undergraduate students, three graduate students, and two medical students, among whom shall be the Presidents of the Undergraduate Council of Students, the Graduate Student Council and the Medical Student Senate; six members of the staff; and four alumni of the University.

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BUCC does not offer orientation at this time.

Meeting Times

2019-20 Meeting Schedule
All meetings will be held in the Stephen Robert ’62 Campus Center, Kasper Multipurpose Room. The BUCC typically meets around four times a year. Please visit the Council’s website for updated times.

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Historical Accomplishments

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