College Curriculum Council

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The College Curriculum Council (CCC) is an elected body of faculty and students, along with administrators, charged with overseeing undergraduate curricular offerings at Brown. The Council reviews individual course proposals as well as larger programs of study, including concentrations, study abroad, and degree programs. In addition, the Committee is responsible for academic policies related to the curriculum, such as grading policies, the role of undergraduate teaching assistants (UTAs), and the administration of student course feedback forms. The navigation bar on this site links to additional information on these areas and on the CCC’s general policies and processes.


The CCC consists of the Dean of the College, who serves as chair; 8 faculty members, one of whom serves as vice-chair; 4 undergraduates; 4 additional administrators (an Associate Dean of the College, an Associate Dean of the Faculty, an Associate Dean of Biological Sciences, and the Registrar); and a representative from the Graduate Student Council.

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The College Curriculum Council does not offer a formal orientation at this time but does provide a workshop for new members to build communication skills relevant to committee work

Meeting Times          

The CCC meets regularly, typically twice a month on the 2nd and 4th Tuesday of the month from 4:00-5:30 pm in University Hall room 218.

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