Information Technology Advisory Board


The Information Technology Advisory Board shall serve to advise the Chief Information Officer, and other senior officers as appropriate, on resources and priorities concerning all aspects of computing, information management, and communication technology. The Information-Technology Advisory Board shall review and make recommendations concerning the University’s planning and implementation of plans for current and proposed computing and information technologies.

The Board shall review and make recommendations with regard to policies consistent with the goals and objectives of the University for the proper use of computing resources by faculty, staff, and students. Its goals include the enhancement of the faculty and student academic environment through the effective use of computing and communication technology, including appropriate computing, information, and communication support for teaching and research. The Information-Technology Advisory Board shall also be a source of input and feedback regarding matters of administrative computing, communication, and information technology needs and requirements.


The members shall consist of the Chief Information Officer, six faculty members representative of academic grouping as listed in Section 12, II, whenever possible, two staff members, two undergraduates, two graduate students, and one medical student. Faculty members shall serve staggered three-year terms. Staff and student members shall serve staggered two-year terms. The University Librarian and Director of the Center for computation and visualization shall be ex-officio members.

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The Information Technology Advisory Board does not offer an orientation at this time.


Meeting Times          

Meetings are scheduled according to members’ schedules and the board generally meets at least once a semester.

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Historical Accomplishments

The IT advisory board provides feedback on new technological developments and systems implemented by the University.