Residential Council


The Residential Council of Brown University serves the undergraduate student body in advocating for improvements in the Residential Experience, both on- and off-campus, and providing assistance and information to students. The Residential Council achieves these goals by hosting student forums to gather input, maintaining a social media presence to provide students additional information about the residential experience, and conveying student opinion to administrators.


The membership of the Residential Council will consist of fifteen students who are currently enrolled at Brown University.

Undergrad Application (Link)         

Appointed through UCS:


The Residential Council does not offer an orientation at this time.

Meeting Times          

Meet every Tuesday from 12-1. Meetings typically occur in the Residential Life Office Conference Room in Grad Center E. Meetings are open to the general public except for Executive Board meetings.

Existing Website

Historical Accomplishments

Hosted dorm tours and showcase dorms to students.

Held town halls and office hours to answer questions people may have as well as answer questions in our Facebook page.

Worked closely with Bear Dens in creating the program and plan to run it in the future.

Helped in voting to ensure the housing lottery is completely random and the group number doesn’t alter outcome.

Aggregated data on student feedback and share it with ResLife admin on facets of ResLife we can improve on.