Student Conduct Board


The Student Conduct Board will hear matters involving prohibited conduct that may result in separation from the University and/or a transcript remark. Cases before the Student Conduct Board may involve serious prohibited conduct in a single incident or a persistent pattern of less severe prohibited conduct. The Student Conduct Board will review the evidence and hear testimony before it determines whether the respondent(s) is responsible for violations of the Code and recommends an appropriate outcome to the Director.


The membership of the Student Conduct Board will consist of faculty members, undergraduate deans, graduate deans, deans from the Division of Biology and Medicine, School of Engineering, School of Professional Studies, and School of Public Health, other University administrators, undergraduate students, graduate students, and medical students.

Undergrad Application (Link)

The appropriate student governance bodies will appoint student members for the upcoming academic year.


There is a two-hour training that all board members, including students, must attend before they are eligible to serve on the Student Conduct Board. In that training they cover the Code of Student Conduct, the life cycle of an incident report, how to read an investigation report, how to write and ask good questions, and how to approach deliberations. Then there is a case study for practicing.

Vacancy Clause       

If a student governance body fails to appoint sufficient members, the Director may select students to fill the positions. If there is a vacancy among the members of the SCB or if an additional member or members are needed to hear a case, the Director may appoint a temporary member. All student members are subject to the approval of the Dean of Students.

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