Title IX Council


The role of the University Title IX Council is to review the information presented in an investigation report and to determine if an individual or individuals violated the University policy. If there is a policy violation, the panel will also determine an appropriate sanction.


The Title IX Council is comprised of undergraduates, graduate and medical students, staff, and faculty members.

Undergrad Application (Link)         


The Council receives mandatory training and the beginning of each Fall semester.  A refresher session new member and anyone who wants to revisit training concepts occur each January.  My office coordinates the training.

Meeting Times          

Please note this Council differs from other committees as it is not an advisory group or committee; but rather the pool of individuals to serve as a hearing panelist for formal complaints investigated under the Sexual and Gender-Based Harassment, Sexual Violence, Relationship and Interpersonal Violence and Stalking Policy.  This committee does not have standing meetings.  A panelist is called upon, as their schedule allows, in groups of 3 to hear specific cases. 

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